IBEW 11 Recognized for Organizing Efforts!

At the recent Membership Development Conference held in Chicago, IBEW Local 11 received two awards for Organizing that are significant and cannot be understated.

I would like to give a little background. In construction organizing, there are three basic pillars. Organizing members, organizing contractors and organizing the work. The first two are tangible: first, the more electricians we bring in, the more our membership grows; and second, the more employers we bring to the fold, the larger our contractor pool becomes. The third pillar is more difficult to access with basic math as it is dependent on the work we do as a Union: attending city council meetings, speaking with politicians about PLA’s and various other tasks we participate in that helps to grow our market share.

Out of the thousands of IBEW Locals in the US and Canada, your Local 11 received the awards for two of those three pillars: Largest total growth of “A” members and largest amount of new NEBF Contractors. Through the dedication and hard work from the Organizers, Business Reps and Clerical Staff, we were honored to receive these two awards on behalf of the Local. Thanks go to the Business Manager Joel Barton for his support of the Organizing staff; and I would like to also thank YOU, the membership for your contribution in attaining these awards.

When we organize new members, you welcome and mentor them by showing them what true Brotherhood is about. When we organize new contractors, your work ethic and Code of Excellence ensures the contractors that they made the right choice in choosing to become an IBEW Local 11 contractor. We have much more work to be done, but I know with your help we can once again attain the goals we set for ourselves.

In fraternity,

Robert Corona

Asst. Business Manager/ Director of Organizing

IBEW Local #11


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