Sound & Communications – Votes on Allocation

The vote is in. The IBEW Local 11 Sound & Communications Unit has determined that its $2.85 increase for 2020 will go exclusively toward wages.

Of the 298 votes cast:

  • 167 voted for Option C, allocating the full $2.85 to wages.
  • 64 voted for Option A, allocating $1.33 to wages, $1 to the medical plan and $0.52 to the Defined Contribution plan.
  • 60 voted for Option B, allocating $1.33 to wages, $1 to the Medical Plan, $0.20 to the Health Reimbursement Account and $0.32 to the Defined Contribution Plan
  • 7 members voted for D, an “Other” write-in option.

Ballots were sent out to members on Oct. 28, 2020 and the results were announced at the Sound & Communications Committee meeting on Saturday, Nov. 14. The IBEW 11 Executive Board disseminated and counted the ballots to determine the tally. The election was witnessed by Ormond Brown.

The wage increase becomes effective Dec. 28, 2020.

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