District 5 — April Report

Hello Brothers & Sisters,

As of this writing while we are still dealing with this nightmare Coronavirus, but the work has been holding steadfast. We are continuing work at Antelope Valley College, Defense Plants, Kaiser facilities in Lancaster and Palmdale, the Antelope Valley Transit Authority and the Palmdale School District. Antelope Valley College should be hiring in the near future with several projects just beginning. We also have more solar work that is anticipated to start this Summer.

I am sorry to report that we postponed our LAQSP class scheduled for April until further notice. If you want to sign up there is still time. Please contact District 5 to get your name on the list. The class is 32 hours and does count toward State Certification. We will inform each member when the class will be scheduled again.

I would personally like to thank our officers and members for volunteering and helping during these difficult times. Alfredo (Killer) Torres, King (Terminator) Moore, Mike (Ice Pick) Kaminski, Luis (Mafioso) Martinez, Edgar (The Animal) Ico, Dion (Hitman) Jensen, George (Kingpin) Martinez, Aldaberto (Switchblade) Gonzales and Shane (Pain) Fairbrother. I would like to give a special shout-out to our Organizer Alton Wilkerson for all his help. Brothers & Sisters during these unprecedented times may God Bless us all. Let us stick together, help one another, be the family we are, be patient with one another, listen to each other, be safe and work safe. Follow the rules and stay healthy. We will get through this.

In Solidarity,
Mitch Klein

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