District 3 — July Report

Hello Brothers and Sisters from District 3,

Historically the work picture in Local 11 is stronger in the summer months. And even though it seems as if job calls have slowed over the last few months due to the COVID-19 pandemic, members are in the field working, and job calls are still trickling in. And even tough District 3 has not had as many job-calls as usual, we still have our fair share of work. From West L.A. Community College to LAUSD, the schoolwork is keeping quite a few members working. But the biggest focus is on all the work at LAX. The Conrac at the east end of the project is moving at a pretty good pace as well as the LAWA Police station on Westchester Parkway and a new hangar for United Airlines. Comet Electric was recently awarded the DWP “Receiving Station X” that will be the new power source that will feed LAX. But the Granddaddy is the Automated People Mover [APM]. The APM is the overhead rail system that will run from the Conrac past a new parking structure, ITF West, and into the horseshoe. Anyone whose been to the airport area lately has seen the many cranes out there supporting these jobs. Rest assured, if you are looking for a long-term project in District 3 to work on, consider the APM.

As always, it is an honor and a privilege to serve the great members of IBEW Local #11.

Be safe, stay safe, and wear your mask!!

Mike Costigan
Business Representative
District 3

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