District 6 Report — September 2022

As you know, it’s political season. I hope you are staying informed for the interests of your loved ones and yourselves. Here at District 6, we are creating relationships, visiting jobsites and having conversations about PLAs to get the work in our backyard. We are also attending city council meetings and supporting political allies. Whether it’s canvassing, phone banking opportunities, or whatever is needed, we stay connected to union backers and assist them. We have contacted many of the appropriate entities in the D6 area. However, to be effective, it will take us all to volunteer.

This past month, I’ve been on the following pre-jobs: Golden Phoenix in El Monte, Mt Sac in Walnut, Whittier Aquatic Center, and Wedge Worth in West Covina. Much of this work is ongoing and in phases, so keep a close eye out for the jobs that show up on the daybook.

We have CSI at the City of Hope and Taft in Duarte, by Monrovia. That’s a two-year job in the beginning stages. Mass is still working on the Foothill Extension Project, and work is picking up. Composite crews are being called out, not just for Inside Wireman but for all classifications in Whittier at DC Integrated, Pomona DSE, and Walton in El Monte. There is also residential work in La Puente. RT Electric in El Monte. Johnson Peltier is picking up small work from the Irwindale Brewery as well as Carol and CLE company. Nonunion Tiger Electric and Delta are there with pick-up work. Fortunately, our D6 Organizer has also picked up a few organized candidates there. General Contractor Balfour Beatty is at the Wedge Worth school in West Covina. Legacy with Morrow Meadows and Legacy Laboratories are finishing up. They did a good job and I hope to see them here in D6 again soon.

If you would like to be recognized for your years of service at a District meeting, please get in touch with me. If you’d like your cert and pin mailed to you, that’s fine too.

Summer has ended, and football season, wrestling and other sports are here for our children and loved ones. Please take good care of your families and purchase your medications and preventive remedies with your HRA cards. Take advantage! Get check-ups and utilize all the union benefits we fight hard for. God willing, keep you and your family healthy and safe as 2022 comes to an end.

Be wise and stay true to a higher ground. May God bless you all abundantly.

Jacob Troncoza
Business Representative
District 6

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