Compliance Report — April 2024

One of my duties on behalf of IBEW 11, and the union industry at large, is to serve as Chair of the LACCD Citizens Bond Oversight Committee (CBOC). The CBOC provides citizen-based oversight of the various voter-approved bond measures for LACCD, which totals over $15 billion dollars’ worth of work mostly completed under a PLA.

In my role as Chair, I receive quarterly updates regarding the progress and project planning. Here is an update for you.

To date, LACCD has contracted $7.3 billion dollars of work; with $7.6 billion to be contracted. Currently there are 209 projects in the design phase with a large majority of future work committed to district-wide energy efficiency and existing building upgrades.

During the period of July 1, 2023 to December 31, 2023, the electrical craft lead against all craft hours on LACCD work performed during that period. In short, there is still a lot more work to come.

Veronica Martinez

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