Organizing Update

The Organizing department has been actively bringing in new members and pursuing non-union contractors to sign with Local #11. Another aspect of organizing would be organizing the work. In this endeavor we reach out to politicians, public agencies, developers and the community at large to ensure that they understand the value that comes from performing work with Union electricians through the utilization of our signatory contractors on projects throughout our jurisdiction. As of late, we have been successful in the Long Beach area with the help of our members who show up to city council meetings, even on short notice. With your continued involvement and participation, you will help to grow our market share city by city in L.A. county.

If you have thought about starting your own electrical contracting business, we are holding our next Contractors Business Course at ETI on the dates of April 16-18, 2020. If interested, please contact the Organizing department at 626-243-9702 or email More info can be found here.

In Fraternity,
Robert Corona
Sr. Asst. Business Manager/ Director of Organizing


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