Organizing Update – September 2020

I hope this Organizing update finds you and your family safe and healthy. Since our last update, we have signed a couple of new contractors to both the Inside and Sound Agreements. Newly signed Reliable Cabling Solutions and Cruz Prado have both put in calls into the hall for members to work on a couple of their projects.

Should you take a call to one of these, or any other newly organized contractors, keep in mind that they may have some missteps when it comes to the way a Union contractor should do things. By all means, contact your Business Representative if it warrants but try to allow them to remedy the issue so they learn the right way to do things and not make the same misstep in the future.

Although we have the COVID-19 pandemic to contend with, the Organizers are still actively affecting our non-union competitors by bringing in their key personnel and pushing to convince local politicians and various board members that the best way to complete their projects is by utilizing IBEW Local #11 union members and our signatory contractors. Due to the hard work of our Organizers and Staff, Local #11 has once again met our goal of a 4 percent growth in “A” membership for the year. Even though we work hard to organize electricians into our Local, it is with the help of you members, that we are able to retain these individuals.

If you know someone who has recently been brought into the Local, please welcome them and try to mentor them in the correct way to be a Brother or Sister in this Union. No one inherently knows the Union way; it has to be nurtured and taught by those of us who have been lucky enough to be apart of this wonderful IBEW Local.

In Fraternity,
Robert Corona
Sr. Asst. Business Manager/ Director of Organizing


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