Sound & Communications — September Report

What a summer. A pandemic right in the middle of the biggest work boom we’ve seen in decades. The fires have the sky looking like something out of Blade Runner. Many of our brothers and sisters have done well, made lots of money with no place to go and spend it. Let me take this time to remind you, the Administration of local 11, past and present, put in a lot of time, effort and money to have as much of this new construction under PLA’s, Project Labor Agreements, and CWA’s, Community Workforce Agreements, as possible.

These agreements mean that all or most of the work is to be done by well-trained union labor. We are constantly pushing you to take classes at the ETI because we need to maintain the status of the best trained workforce money can buy. As our Unit grows, we need you to participate in this growth, come to the meetings, understand the contract that was negotiated for you and give us a call when things are not right. That goes from no water on the project to people working with you that have no business there.

We have had a few companies that want to bend the rules. Their bending of the rules will put you in our line of fire. If you have a concern about anyone being on the jobsite doing your work, feel free to call me. I’m sure you wouldn’t like it if you were sitting at home with no income while someone pirates your work because company management wanted to have their son, daughter, nephew, niece, or neighbor doing your work. They are not a member, they should not be there, as per the Collective Bargaining Agreement, but they are working, and you are not. You have to stand for something, or you’ll fall for anything.

In October, Local 11 will begin having unit meetings, S&C Unit included. You will be sent an invitation via e-mail allowing you to participate in the meeting. It won’t be quite as time consuming as the “Live and in Person” Unit meetings we have experienced, but the goal is to inform you and have better participation. Stay tuned!

Work safe, Play safe.

Chuck Webb
Business Agent
Sound & Communications

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