Refinery Report — February 2021


Work at the Torrance PBF Refinery remains steady. Due to COVID-19, the refinery is only releasing small projects which keep our members who currently work there consistently busy while trying to keep the infection levels down. According to General Superintendent Bill Caskey, M.B. Herzog is looking to possibly bring on a very large number of members from the hall in June. The certs that are needed to work at the Torrance PBF refinery are the RSO 20-HIGH HAZARD, and the TWIC. Herzog is currently doing small capital projects and very small jobs within the refinery, but in the summer months, Herzog is looking to bring on Certified Journeymen, as well as Certified Instrumentation Technicians.

Cal Spectra– Valero: Wilmington

The work for California Spectra inside Valero Wilmington has slowed. Spectra is looking to acquire more contract work at Paramount Petroleum and at Conoco Phillips.

Schultz Mechanical– Valero: Wilmington

Work for Schultz Mechanical inside Valero Wilmington continues to improve. Schultz Mechanical has picked up more work within the refinery and looks forward to more turnarounds. Schultz is going to be able to staff the pre-turnaround work with the manpower they currently employ, but will need to use our hiring hall in order to fill their need for journeypersons and possibly 10-15 Instrumentation Technicians in the coming months.

Schultz Mechanical– Marathon: Carson/Wilmington

According to General Superintendent Jeff Doby, work for Schultz Mechanical inside Marathon Carson and Marathon Wilmington remains steady. Schultz Mechanical’s work is consistent in both parts of the refinery. Schultz Mechanical employs approximately 75-85 members consistently and is expecting to keep the current manpower going with small capital projects and small turnaround work. Superintendent Doby is very pleased with his crews and wishes to continue to keep all of our members employed at Marathon Refinery into the summer months. Superintendent Jeff Doby is expecting that once COVID restrictions begin to loosen up, Schultz will be authorized to begin other projects inside the refinery which will also increase his need for more manpower. He is expecting that the summer months will be good ones!

Contra Costa Electric– Phillip’s 66 Wilmington

Work for Contra Costa Electric inside of P66 Refinery, Wilmington remains strong. Contra Costa is the leading contractor inside the facility with several large projects going and several more projects ready to go now. General Foreman Alex Suarez will be making a call to our dispatch hall to request approximately two dozen journeypersons to work two different shifts. Contra Costa has four turnarounds ready to go and will need more manpower to get temp power set up. Contra Costa will need certified journeypersons with the RSO 20 to fill these calls. Contra Costa will also need certified instrumentation technicians to do the work for the turnarounds.

Manny Solis

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