Sound & Communications Report – January 2021

It has been just over a year since the first case of Covid-19 was detected. We’ve been shut in, locked down, experienced a presidential election, an election of Democrats as Senators in the deep south, an insurrection, and an inauguration of a free and fairly elected Democratic President. As someone who pays attention to politics, both local and national, I can tell you it is exhausting.

We were fortunate this last year to have been designated as essential Workers, allowing us to work within safety guidelines. The work in L.A. County has seen a seasonal decline, and more Brothers and Sisters have signed the Books. We have continued to grow with over 900 members, quite a few travelers, and about 50 members on Book 1.

The coming few months promise to be interesting, with Local 11 elections, a vaccine roll out, and our federal government trying to jump start the economy. For all who want to really understand how our Local works, be in attendance for the Unit 9 Informational Meetings held at 9:00 am, via Zoom for now, on the second Saturday of each month. We try to answer all questions, but if you have a question that can’t wait until then, email me at

Stay Safe, Work Safe

Chuck Webb

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