Sound & Communications Report – September 2023

Brothers and Sisters,

It is urgent that the Sound & Communications Unit proactively take advantage of the free courses being offered by our Local. These courses will advance our skillset, allow us to secure a certification and further enhance the expertise of our trade. Other union trades are currently commissioning our work, including the CWA Union attempting to dominate the fiber market. This will substantially impact us. We need to be driven and assertive to find ways to keep work that legitimately belongs to us!

At the end of September please look out for an FOA certification course being offered at the ETI along with a one-year hybrid “Cisco Certified Network Association” course through Rio Hondo College. In addition, “Transportation Worker Identification Credential“ and “Refinery Safety Overview” certifications are highly recommended. Collectively, these courses will ensure that we are well prepared for future work.

Christine Austria-Lozoya 
(626) 437-1955 

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