Business Manager’s Message — November 2023

Giving Thanks

Thanksgiving is a time to gather with family and friends and give thanks for all that we have in this great country. It’s also the time to enjoy a traditional turkey meal with all the trimmings with your loved ones.

While we have much to be grateful for, many do not. IBEW Local 11 and all its affiliated groups always step up and help those less fortunate.

At the ETI last Saturday, Labor Community Services, a subsidiary of the Los Angeles County Federation of Labor, gave away 1,500 turkey baskets to those in need. Thank you to the staff and volunteers of Local 11 who donated their time to hand them out.

Being part of the Labor movement means helping each other. It means lifting everyone we can out of poverty and offering them a path to the middle class. As President Biden says, “Unions created the middle class.”

Remember to vote next year for this important milestone not only for democracy and the life of this great nation, but also for the administration which did more for unions than any other in the history of the United States.

Don’t be fooled by false promises; your livelihood depends on how you vote. So, if you are not registered, register today, and be sure to look for IBEW Local 11 endorsements. We will always encourage you to vote for your job security and your family’s future.

December Meetings

December marks the month when all our districts of the Local union host holiday celebrations during meetings. Be sure to attend your unit meeting to share some good will, food, refreshments and see old friends and acquaintances you may not have seen for a while. The business of the unit will be conducted briefly, then adjourned to start the celebration. Check the IBEW 11 website for your district meeting date, time and location.

We also hope to see all of you Dec. 21 at 5 pm for the December General Membership Meeting. The meeting will be held at the ETI for an end-of-year wrap up, plus some insight into what we can all expect for the work picture in 2024 and beyond. Please come early. Starting at 4 pm we’ll be hosting a festive tamale, beans and rice dinner, and raffling off some holiday gift cards. Be sure to RSVP at

Allocation Vote

Thank you to all the members of the Inside Wireman, ITS and Sound and Communications units who voted for the allocation of the next wage increase. The funding of your Health Plan is important, so we continue to enjoy the best our providers have to offer.

One of the major changes will be for those in the PPO Anthem Blue Cross. OnJanuary 1, 2024, those participants will be entered into Anthem Blue Shield. You may have received a call from the SC IBEW-NECA Trust Fund regarding this change.

If you want to remain in the PPO Plan you shouldn’t have to change anything. Most doctors honor both plans. If not, contact the trust so they can ensure that you continue to receive the benefits you may be due. Remember to carry the new card with you and present it to service providers so they may update your records.

Invite a Brother or Sister Into Your Home

Please remember this time of year to keep your family and loved ones close and count your blessings.

Also, reach out to a member who may not have anyone. For some, this time of year brings on feelings of desperation, depression and loneliness. Click here for the Local’s “Break Bread Program” and reach out to a union brother or sister so you can make their holidays a little brighter.

As always, it is an honor and pleasure to serve as your Business Manager and Financial Secretary.

In Solidarity, 

Joël Barton

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