It’s My Honor to Serve

Brothers & Sisters of Local 11,

I am honored by your recent show of support in electing me as your Business Manager.

When I was appointed Business Manager back in December following the retirement of Joël Barton, I felt an enormous responsibility. Not only did I need to serve you, the members, but I also had to earn your trust. I needed to prove to you my capabilities and my performance will always be in the best interest of this Local and its members.

Now that I have been elected Business Manager outright, nothing has really changed. I still promise to serve the members to the best of my ability, and I still need to continue to earn your trust.

I have immense gratitude for the thousands of members who participated and raised their voice during the recent election, and I applaud the large number of members who turned out to vote. A union is only as strong as its members’ participation, and make no mistake, this is one strong union!

You have entrusted me with your livelihoods, so I make this promise: I am the Business Manager of ALL of Local 11, and I will work hard for all the members, whether you voted for me or not. We are stronger together!

Union Matters

I’m happy to report that job calls have started to improve, and we expect that to continue. Our bottom-line mission is to ensure that you’re working so you can put food on your tables for you and your families.

We’re also starting to utilize technology more. This includes:

  • Fine-tuning the Dispatch system by including a hyperlink on the web site to make it easier for members to check the zip code required calls.
  • We are working on the ability where you can get your certification scanned and saved in our system. This is so you don’t have to show your certificate every time.
  • We’re also launching an app to better communicate with the membership and provide information at the tap of a button. We should have this up and running by the end of July. In order to facilitate this smoothly we need you to download the app on your phone. Click there to download.

Speaking of certifications, please keep those up to date. Various certifications are available, and you don’t want to lose work because your certifications aren’t current.

One final thing: These summer months can be brutal. Heat stroke is a real thing. Take care of yourself, listen to your body and stay hydrated.

Stay safe. Be well.

In Solidarity,

Robert Corona
Business Manager/Financial Secretary

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