CE/CW Report – June 2023

Brothers and Sisters,

Hello from your apprentice and CW/CE representative. I wanted to let all CW’s and CE’s know that we have an online course on the ETI website that you can access. All CW’s: it is your responsibility to renew your ET cards two to three months before they expire. Please do so! CE’s: please sign up for classes at the ETI that you need to complete before turning out. Classes include motor control, transformer, advanced pipe bending, LAQSP, and prep code.

It is an honor to represent you all. As always, contact me whenever you need any assistance with anything. Watch out for one another, and please stay safe.

Jackie Waltman
Business Rep. and Coordinator – CW/CE and Apprentices
(323) 517-9609
(213) 541-1790

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