Sound & Communications — November Report: TA Reached!

It’s true, we have reached a tentative agreement with NECA on our Southern California 9th District Sound & Communications Agreement. Unlike the Inside Wiremen’s Agreement, our agreement includes the following Locals:

IBEW Local 11 Los Angeles County
IBEW Local 40 Hollywood
IBEW Local 413 Santa Barbara County
IBEW Local 428 Kern County
IBEW Local 440 Riverside County
IBEW Local 441 Orange County
IBEW Local 477 San Bernardino County
IBEW Local 569 San Diego and Imperial Counties
IBEW Local 639 San Luis Obispo County
IBEW Local 952 Ventura County

Business Managers and Representatives from the listed locals managed to make it to many of our negotiation meeting and all contributed to the final product.

No one got everything that they wanted. Everyone had a voice.

This Saturday, November 9th, we will present the agreed to changes in the present contract for your ratification. We will spend whatever time is needed to clear up any confusion or questions that you may have. We will be meeting in Commerce at the ETI in the Multipurpose Room next to the auditorium. Then Unit 9 Meeting will begin at 9:00, the Ratification Meeting begins at 11:00 and the Allocation meeting will meet immediately following the Ratification Meeting. We’ll have food and drink available at the Unit Meeting.

Please join us for this very Special Called Meeting.

Work safe, Play hard,
Chuck Webb

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