Sound & Communications — April Report

Sisters and Brothers,

As I write this, final preparations are being made to mail the members of the Sound & Comm Unit a copy of our agreement in booklet form. For as long as I can remember, our Brothers, Inside Wiremen, received a copy of their agreement in a booklet form that they could shove in their back pockets, and have available, on their person, at all time. The Sound & Comm unit received a copy of their agreement, photo-copied and stapled together by the secretarial staff. This Administration continues to work with the goal of equal treatment to all members and just like the Wiremen, the members of the Sound & Comm Unit 9 will receive a copy of the CBA in booklet form.

As members we have to recognize that when the effects of this pandemic subside, we, the members of the Sound & Comm Unit, need to step up to the plate and participate in the Union that we are members of. Many of our Brothers and Sisters come from the non-union world and have a limited understanding of “Brotherhood”. It is up to every member to live every day as an example of “Brotherhood”. At work, you’ll find the new members, talk with them, mentor them. It is a Brotherhood. Also, it’s not enough to show up for the Unit Meetings. The General Meetings are where the operations of the Union are explained, and you are free to question anything that you don’t understand. It’s not an exciting place to be but it is informative.

Work Safe, Live Safe,

Chuck Webb
Business Rep.

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