Unit 14 Civil Service — June Report

This period of uncertainty due to the Corona Virus is unprecedented for probably all of us. What I have learned over the past few weeks is that this virus picks and chooses who it is going to kill, no matter the age or health of the victim. It is extremely important that we are aware of our surroundings and who is near us. As you continue to go to work every day as an essential worker, always keep your loved ones in mind. One instance of bad timing or poor protection can be devastating.

Below are updates to our contracts.

LAUSD: Although your contract is soon expiring, we have not begun negotiating due to the virus. Temporarily however, the District is paying our members $5 dollars more per hour during the pandemic. If you believe it is safe for you to return to work, please do so. The more we show the district how essential you really are, the better we can do in negotiations.

LA County: As we navigate this pandemic, we have seen different departments behave differently and interpret safety differently. Do not allow the County to dictate what is safe and what is not. Each of us need to make sure that we are careful and that we do not put ourselves in harm’s way. If you feel that a project is unsafe, you absolutely have the right to refuse to do the job until you are satisfied that it is safe.

LA City: By now, you have most likely heard that the Mayor has announced that he will have 26 furlough days for civilian employees in his 20-21 budget. The City must bargain with the Coalition of City Unions before this is implemented (IBEW Local 11 and the Building Trades are part of the Coalition). I will be advocating for your best interests, and my position is that as essential workers, you should not have to also take a 10% pay cut. Whether or not I am successful is yet to be determined, but please know that I will fight for this. In the meantime, please continue to do the great job that you have been and continue, to show the City why they absolutely need you on the job.

MOU 35: As hiring hall employees, you might from time to time, feel that you are treated poorly. I have no doubt that this in fact, does happen. Despite this, you continue to bring value and craftsmanship to the City. We continue to fight and negotiate better terms for your new contract. Unfortunately, the virus has temporarily sidetracked us. I ask you to continue to be patient and understanding my brothers and sisters.

For further information, please feel free to contact me on my cell phone at (626) 712-4769. Alternatively, you can email me directly at arida@ibew11.org.

Civil Service Business Representative
IBEW Local 11

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