Sound & Communications — January Report

Sisters and Brothers,

Many of you joined us at the December Sound & Communications Unit Meeting and enjoyed the festivities of our holiday gathering. TV’s, tools, and gift cards were given away as we enjoyed our time together. Thanks to all that joined us.

At the January General Meeting I was able to report that our membership count in the Sound & Communications Unit had grown to over 800 members with more than 200 of those members in the Apprenticeship. This is truly unprecedented growth and the growing pains seem to ripple through all that we do. Our new members need to be welcomed by all as they are the new members of your family. You can pick your friends you accept your family. And as family they will need to be educated on the inner workings of everything that we do, from showing up early, giving 8 for 8, to continuing their education.

The career that we have chosen is on the forefront of technological changes. The work that we do helps to protect our population through the installation of Fire Life Safety Systems, Access Control Systems, and Camera Systems. We keep the members of our society connected through LANs, WANs, and WAPs. Much of the work that we will do in the future is still on the drawing boards and in the minds of the inventors. The ETI is available to all our members, keep your VDV and FLS certifications current, take the OSHA classes, be an asset to the contractor that you are working for. Our positions may not always seem to be appreciated, but more and more they are needed.

Work safe, Play hard,

Chuck Webb

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