District 1

Great Projects that are happening in District 1 that are long-term Projects.

1. The NFL STADIUM will start to call more Electricians. ROSENDIN, MORROW MEADOWS, and SASCO are on the job scheduled to finish up in 2020.

2. The LUCAS MUSEUM and Parking structure underneath are just getting underway. Anderson & Howard are doing the Lucas parking structure and the Museum is close to being awarded. APOLLO electric is building a parking structure next door.

3. The Academy Project on Vine in Hollywood, a few blocks below Sunset, is just coming out of the ground. There will be a couple structures there being done by CUPERTINO Electric.

4. A Downtown High rise on 12th and Flower by HMT has a ways to go while other HMT projects are finishing on 7th & Spring and APEX II on 9th and Flower.

5. The Oceanwide Project, across from Staples, is a product of SASCO Electric. Three towers remain to be manned up and has a year or so until completion.

6. The Regional Connector is in the middle of Downtown LA. It’s a billion dollar project that they’re still doing tunneling on, as well as the Eastside of the Purple Line. Those projects will take years to finish…. Lots of underground and rigid work.

That’s a small snapshot of some District 1 work. There’s a lot more coming!!

Shomari Davis

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