Retiree Club

The Retirees’ Club trip to Justice Brothers Racing Museum in Duarte was very enjoyable with 12 of us attending the event. Ron Morgan and Joe Farino arrived in their classic cars. 

We even met Carburetor Carl who works at Justices Brothers. Carl just recently raced his Antique Motorcycle at the Irwindale Speedway and took first place in his class for the race. I heard that he hit a top speed of 27 miles an hour. Carl spent some time with us explaining some of the history of the many different cars that were on display, which ones were in the movies, what celebrity drove which cars and what vehicles were actually raced and who drove them in races.

Justice Brothers provided a demonstration on the use of their product that helps reduce friction in your engine. It was a very simple demonstration but very interesting to watch. Some guys even bought some cans of the product.

We then went to eat lunch at The Monrovian Restaurant in downtown Monrovia. We would like to thank Alfonso Anzures Jr for organizing a wonderful spot for us to enjoy lunch (or breakfast).

2018 Retirees’ Club Meeting

Meetings are on the 2nd Wednesday of the Month

10:00 AM, Nov. 14

Regular Meeting @ET

11:00 AM, Dec. 12

Holiday Party @Taix’s Restaurant

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