Refinery Report – June 2021

Marathon Refinery – Wilmington – There will be at least two dozen journeymen needed to man the upcoming work for Schultz Mechanical at the Marathon, Wilmington Refinery in Mid-July. In addition to needing the RSO20 training card from OSCA and the TWIC card, the Marathon Refinery is now requiring our members pass a mandatory hair follicle test prior to starting work inside the Marathon Refinery.

Valero Refinery – Wilmington- Schultz will also be needing more journeymen at the Valero Refinery in the third quarter of this year. Members will need the RSO20 training card and the TWIC card to accept a job at the Valero Refinery.

PBF Refinery – Torrance – M.B. Herzog will be needing from 6 – 10 certified instrumentation technicians and a few certified journeymen wiremen for upcoming turn-around work in mid to late July. The qualifications to work at most every refinery in Local 11 are all very much the same. A current RSO20 training card and current TWIC card are a must have to go to work for M.B. Herzog.

World Energy Refinery- Paramount- The work at World Energy is here! This refinery was formerly Paramount Petroleum and is now being completely revamped. Our IBEW Union Contractor, Newtron Electric has been awarded the first of many contracts for good work inside of World Energy Refinery. The first contract will require Newtron Electric to hire both, IBEW Journeymen Wiremen and Certified Instrumentation Technicians for the newest contract. The RSO20 training card and the TWIC card will be needed to take a call out to World Energy Refinery.

Many other Refineries – Work in many other refineries is coming. Many of our other contractors working in the refineries are looking to acquire much needed manpower in the winter months of 2020. So please stay current with the RSO20 training card and please keep your TWIC card current.

Manny Solis
Refinery Business Representative

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