Veterans Corner — February 2021

Although 2020 was not a marquee year for indenturing new apprentices into the electrical construction trades due to the outbreak of COVID-19, our Net Zero Plus Electrical Training Institute continued to press on with a few apprenticeship classes. We did not achieve the numbers we have in recent years, but this was nonetheless an honest attempt to keep things moving. I am excited to announce that even with the halting of applications for the better part of the year, we were still able to pull 13 veterans from the Pool of Eligibility list into the apprenticeship for 2020, a number that exceeded my expectations given all the challenges that our trade has had to face.

Fortunately, some of our trade applications have reopened in recent months, such as Intelligent Transportation Systems and our Sound and Communications Systems (Low Voltage). Unfortunately with Local 11 being primarily an Inside Wireman Construction Local, currently that application process still remains on hold. I share this information with you because I know that you are connected with veterans through family, friends or acquaintances who are looking to transition into a strong career. Please have them visit our Southern California Electrical Training Institute at which will also provide updates regarding our “Inside Wireman Application.


Mike Kufchak
Director of Veteran Affairs

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