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My Brothers and Sisters, there is a lot of work in Local 11 right now, and District 2 definitely has a lot going on between the refineries, the ports, the Long Beach Airport and all the other projects popping up each week.  Right now is a great time for our Local to expand, so if you know of anyone with experience or anyone just wanting to get into this great IBEW, please have them get in touch with our District 2 and 3 Organizer Tommy Faavae @ (310) 350-9743.

Some of the current work going on in District 2 is:

Long Beach City College (Carson Campus) has a $20 million renovation and addition to the existing auditorium, to include new elevators, switchgear, power/lighting, stage lighting etc. This project is scheduled to continue until March/April of 2019.  The General Contractor is Novus Construction and the Electrical is Reyes Electric.

Marathon Refinery (this is the old Andeavor/Tesoro/BP/ARCO) has a 30 day TAR (Turnaround) coming in October at the Carson site.  There is also a TAR coming up in January/February 2019 for the ALKY Unit at the Wilmington site. A 52-day TAR is scheduled in early 2019 for the FCC/ALKY Units at the Carson site, this will be one of the biggest turnarounds for the year. COME GET THE $$$.

Torrance Refinery will be starting pre-TAR work in December 2018, getting ready for the 50 day TAR scheduled for the 2nd week of January 2018, with the bulk of the work being done in February. As of right now the schedule will be 6-10’s.  The TWIC card, or a previous background check with in a specified time period, from Marathon, Valero, Chevron or P66 will count as your background being good.

The Port of Long Beach currently has multiple PLA projects under construction worth an estimated value of $450 million (you can go to polb.com/economics/contracts/future_work to see current and upcoming projects)

Some of the upcoming PLA projects are:

Fireboat Station 15 estimated value $30 million

Pier E Administration Building estimated value $17.7 million

Demolition of NRG Intake Forebay Structure estimated value $7.8 million

Demolition of former Harbor Administration Bldg estimated value $6.5 million

There are another 20 plus projects in the design stage for the POLB.

The Long Beach Airport is getting ready to undergo a $60 million PLA Terminal Area Improvements project, to include a new luggage area, expansion of the terminal and making part of the existing terminal into a historic bldg. Swinerton will be the Prime Contractor for this project that is estimated to start late 2018 and be completed late 2021.

These are just some of the projects in our District. If you see any dirt lots, new construction or remodeling going on in your travels, write down the general area it’s in and give me the information so we can stay on top of the work out there and try to keep it ALL UNION!!!  Right now is a great time for the construction trades.

These updates on the work in our District and the other Districts in Local 11, are going to start being posted up every month or every other month to give the members an idea of what is going on in our Local.  This is a great tool for all us to see how the work picture is in our own District as well as others, so please forward any information to me on what you see out there. If you need an Agent or Organizer to stop at your job, meet you before or after work please let us know, we are here for the membership.

Gary Tomlin

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