Election Results – Runoff June 22!


The election results for IBEW Local Union 11 are below. For those in a runoff, the election votes will be counted on June 22nd.

You should receive your run-off ballot in the mail this week!

Run-Off for President:        

Alton Wilkerson
Jaime Sanchez                              

Run-Off for Vice President:      

Larry D. Caldwell
Kelly Oliver                          

Run-Off for Recording Secretary:   

Irene Valenzuela  
Christine Austria-Lozoya

Run-Off for Treasurer:       

Gary Tomlin
James M Gruen                                               

Run-Off for Business Manager/Financial Secretary

Robert Corona
Ivan De Herrera, Jr.

Executive Board    

John Harriel, Jr. 
Gus Alfaro                                      
Armando Gutierrez   
Anthy V. Hadjimarkos                
Shawn McDonald                        
Michael Hawkins                               
Davion Darden            

Examining Board   

Luis Corona
Gilbert G. Ortiz III
Myra D. Hildreth
Shan Hicksonbottom
Cris Rodriguez

Convention Delegates

Larry Caldwell
John Harriel, Jr.
Shomari Davis
Luis Corona
Irene Valenzuela
Gary Tomlin
Brett Moss
Dannielle Lewis
Gus Alfaro
James M. Gruen
Kelly Oliver (Alternate)

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