Safety and Tradition

Hello my Sisters and Brothers,

Our IBEW has many TRADITIONS. Working Safely is one of those traditions. And an important one at that. Before the IBEW was formed, there were no safety standards. Bro. Henry Miller had the idea of starting an organization that looked out for worker safety, better working conditions and a decent wage. But he knew it would only work if the members truly believed in “Brotherhood.” Bro. Henry Miller truly was his “Brothers and Sisters keeper.” We must continue to keep safety as a tradition we hold close. We must strive to have the heart of Henry Miller. Our past members in Local 11 have brought us to this point. It is the duty of every present member to leave this IBEW better than when we were first given the chance to join. A choice we made to carry on the tradition of being the safest and best trained electricians out there. I believe 128 years later, our present members continue the tradition of solidarity, unionism and safety. But understand, the job is only half done. WE must teach the new members, in every classification; our tradition of safety, of working hard and looking out for one another. You must be training your replacement. Share the story of Henry Miller with those who don’t know. Share stories with the new members, always looking out for one another. Be an active member in the fight for protecting our work. Understand and protect our agreement. Constantly installing the work at a level of excellence that people that see it will say ”that was obviously done by someone highly trained. Must be an IBEW member.

In future articles I will bring up more of local 11 history and traditions. But for now, let’s start with the basics. “Work Safely”. Take care of each other. The time is NOW to lift one another. The time is NOW to share your brotherhood and sisterhood with one another. “your yellow ticket makes you a member, it is your actions that make you a brother or sister.” On or off the job we should be promoting our IBEW. On or off the job we should be promoting safety. That is where Brotherhood comes alive.

As always, it is an honor serving you sisters and brothers. Don’t hesitate to call with any safety issue or concern. God bless you, yours and our IBEW.

Yours in Brotherhood,
Bro. Ivan

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