Manufacturing Report – February 2024

Hello, hope all is well with you and that your families are well and staying safe. A couple things are going on here on the Industrial and Manufacturing side of things.

Kinkisharyo is moving along and preparing to hopefully get the bid for the Olympic P3010 trains that will bring a longer Metro contract and more members to the Local.

Covanta things are also moving along. We had a productive bargaining session on March 22nd and are currently trying to lock down dates in May to hopefully wrap things up.

The Supervisor Association Metropolitan Water District “SAMWD” are continuing to work hard finish up the last few items in their CBA.

With EAA, we are currently in an organizing campaign to get the LA City Council aides the representation they deserve. We will have more on this in the coming weeks.

Any questions or concerns about Manufacturing or Industrial please feel free to contact me.

In Solidarity,

Kristian Mendoza
Business Agent

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