Refineries Report – February 2024

Work in our refineries has slowed down significantly in this first quarter.

The Marathon Refineries in both Carson and in Wilmington remain consistent with work for the Automation Modernization Projects.

Shultz Industrial will be looking to increase their manpower this summer for the ongoing project.

Shultz Industrial may also be looking to increase manpower for the Valero Refinery in Wilmington.

M.B. Herzog Electric also has turnaround work coming in April and in the third quarter at the PBF Refinery in Torrance.

All of our refineries require the RSO 20 completion course and card. Most refineries also require a TWIC card to take calls. RSO 20, along with the TWIC, are reimbursed, and both come with a stipend.

Manny Solis
Dist. 2 Business Representative
(626) 318-7442

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