Refineries Report – March 2021

Spring is here and summer is rounding the corner. Nearly all of the refineries are going to be gearing up for many turn-arounds shutdowns with cut-overs in the coming months. The RSO 20 and the TWIC card is a requirement for most every refinery.

Currently RSO 20 can be taken in person at OSCA in Carson, and is reimbursable when presented with a receipt to dispatch. With the completion of RSO 20, a stipend will also be mailed to all members when presented with a receipt to dispatch as well.

The TWIC card can be acquired at various locations as designated on the form at dispatch. The fees associated with acquiring the TWIC card are also reimbursable when presented to dispatch with the receipt along with the TWIC card. There is also a stipend for acquiring the TWIC card.

Torrance PBF Refinery is requiring the RSO 20 with “High Hazard” and the TWIC card to take a call to Torrance PBF Refinery for M.B. Herzog Electric. Please prepare yourselves for these fine jobs we need to fill.

M.B. Herzog will also be in need of certified Level B instrumentation technicians. For our members whose instrumentation Level B certification is recently expired or is about to expire,  each of the refinery contractors will accept instrumentation Level B technicians 1 year expired on the cert.

M.B. Herzog Electric, Contra Costa Electric, Schultz Mechanical, and California Spectra are all looking to place calls for manpower in the coming months.

As COVID restrictions begin to loosen up, many of our refinery contractors are looking forward to the work picture opening up as well. Please feel free to contact me for any questions regarding the refineries.

Manny Solis
(626) 318-7442



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