IBEW 11 Members Helped Make the Winning Difference in March 5 Primary

By Antonio Sanchez
IBEW 11 Political Director

IBEW 11 members were fired up and ready to go for the recent March 5 Primary. As a result, over 95 percent of our endorsed candidates either won outright or are going into a runoff. Yes, the IBEW Local 11 bump helped many labor candidates win their election.

Analyzing who actually cast their ballots in the primary race, the electorate in Los Angeles that turned out was more conservative, skewing older and whiter, and smaller than expected. As a result, we had a few unexpected outcomes.

First, we ‘re delighted that Prop 1 was approved. Yes, it was a slim margin, but nevertheless, it was a win that will help many of our homeless population. We’re letting everyone know that Prop 1 owes its victory to the Local 11 bump picked up during GOTV weekend when Gov. Gavin Newsom stopped by to our D4 hall to campaign for the proposition. Prop. 1 will change, for the better, how we deliver mental health solutions and treat the unhoused. Additionally, it will include the construction of new facilities, built by labor.

We participated in several independent expenditures organized by the LA/OC Building Trades Council. First, I’ll start with the incredible victory of our very own Alhambra Council member Sasha Renee Perez. Sasha’s campaign for State Senate District 25 started strong, but began to look more and more challenging when a millionaire jumped into the race late in the game and spent millions against her. The millionaire was literally trying to buy the seat.

With our help, Sasha finished first in the primary and will now face a republican in the general election. If you live in Pasadena, Glendale, Alhambra, Monterey Park, Sierra Madre, and a few other neighborhoods near the foothills of the San Gabriel Mountains, the daughter of an IBEW Local 11 member could well be your next state senator! We’re so proud of Sasha and her campaign.

I also want to note LA County Board of Supervisor Kathryn Barger’s campaign. A republican, Kathryn is one of our strongest allies on the board. She represents the North parts of LA County, going from Pyramid Lake, to the Antelope Valley, and from the Foothills of the San Gabriel Mountains, all the way to the San Bernardino County border. Supervisor Barger won with almost 60 percent of the vote.

Lastly, we’re not losing any time in starting a voter registration drive for the all-important November election. We are reminding everyone to register their family members, update their registration status, or register for the first time. If you don’t register to vote, you don’t have a voice at the polls.

It’s critical that IBEW 11 members make our voices heard! Register. And Vote!

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