EAA Report — MAY 2023

EAA members submitted over 280 proposals for the 2023 contract negotiations. Unit Councils are doing a phenomenal job of vetting and making initial determinations on each proposal’s viability. Our timeline remains intact, and we expect to be in full-blown negotiations by mid-July.

City Vacancy Rates

The City of Los Angeles currently faces record-high vacancy rates. Some departments are seeing vacancies as high as 43 percent. EAA believes this trend underscores the need for employers to shift their mindset to focus more on what the incoming workforce is seeking. For classifications that EAA represents, these priorities include improvements to work-life balance and enhanced benefit packages. Both are being offered in many private sector and tech companies that hire comparable EAA classifications. We continue to work with the City through labor/management groups and negotiations to resolve this. The City can’t operate without us!

Other Recent Events:

EAA endorsed Marisa Alcaraz for the special election in L.A. Council District 6!

EAA offered and provided Military Appreciation Night Dodger tickets to thank our members who have served our country.

EAA’s annual scholarship filing period closes at the end May. Winners will be selected over the next month for up to $4,000 each in college scholarships.

Marleen Fonseca
EAA Executive Director

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