News@11: Members Speak Out – City of Hope Project

It’s a hospital and helping the community, so I take a lot of pride and joy in participating in a project like that. I’m also a volunteer helper for the Civil Air Patrol—search and rescue. So, I like volunteering, I like donating. It’s a big part of who I am.

General Foreman

I always enjoy working with apprentices, because it’s a learning process for them and it’s an opportunity for me to help guide them along, and give them tips and experience so that they can have that under their belt moving forward.

Site Foreman

I’m only 21, and I’m already on my third year with the union. I wasn’t a big fan of going to an actual college institution. I wanted to learn one trade. And I just had my first son a year ago, so having the benefits and supporting him…the union takes care of you with that.

Third-Year Apprentice

In my family, we had one aunt who passed away from cancer. Doing this type of work really hits close to home. It feels good to be able to be part of something that is going to help families in the future. So when they come here, they don’t have to be wondering, “where am I going to stay? How am I going to do this?

Fifth Year Apprentice

I have a daughter who has had this experience. She had a transplant, but she’s been doing so good, thanks to UCLA and God. I spent a lot of time in the hospital, so I know that feeling.

Second Foreman

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