Manufacturing Report — April 2021

Greetings Brothers and Sisters,

I hope everyone is well and staying safe. Here’s a  quick update from the manufacturing and industrial side of things.


Good news for our brothers and sisters at Kinkisharyo in Palmdale. Kinkisharyo has secured the P2550 contract with LA Metro and that will bring at least 100 members back to the Antelope Valley at that plant. The contract should last through 2025 and hopefully bridge the gap to another contract for light rail trains needed for the Olympic games. We will start negotiating a new contract in the coming months and get our hard-working brothers and sisters a fair contract.

CRRC MA/CRRC Times Electric

CRRC MA and CRRC Times Electric are light rail manufacturers that we will be welcoming into our great IBEW family in the coming months. CRRC MA has voluntarily agreed to recognize IBEW Local 11 and we should start negotiations with them shortly. Look for more updates on these two manufacturing companies.

Covanta Long Beach

There is not much going on at Covanta this month. Our hard-working members at the renewable energy plant are plugging away and making sure Long Beach stays running.

It is a pleasure serving this membership. Please give me a call with any questions about manufacturing or Industrial.

In Solidarity,
Kristian Mendoza
Business Representative
Manufacturing, Industrial, and Public Sector

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