Manufacturing Report – January 2022

Industrial Units 1710 and Unit 15

Hello and Happy New Year

I hope this finds everyone well and safe. There is a lot going on in manufacturing. I will start with Kinkisharyo Unit 1710. We are in the middle of negotiating a new CBA. We have submitted a complete proposal with better wages and benefits to the company and are waiting for a response. The work picture is slow due to setbacks with the pandemic and shipping containers holding items needed for the refurbishing of the P2550 trains. It looks like callbacks from the company won’t happen until mid-year with membership expected to come up to about 150 in the Palmdale facility and we are working on bringing members back into the unit from commissioning sites across L.A. county.

At Covanta Unit 15, we are working with the company to correct a major payroll glitch that has caused hardship for many members at the Long Beach plant. Due to the grievance process, the company has fixed 95% of the issue as of the writing of this report and the remainder should be resolved soon. I toured the plant a couple weeks back and brought many safety concerns to management. I am checking back weekly to make sure our members voices are heard. Please remember our great union is only as strong as we as members make it.

If you have any issues or concerns in the manufacturing and industrial areas, please contact me. Stay safe and I look forward to getting our meetings back on track this year.

In Solidarity,

Kristian Mendoza
Business Agent

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