District 3 — October Report

Aloha from the South Bay,

Although the job calls in District 3 have slowed down some, we still have quite a bit of work going on here. As stated in previous reports, the airport is in the middle of a $14 billion in improvements and has hundreds of members working out there. Chevron, as well as a few of the other refineries in the South Bay, will be hiring a good number of members next year for a series of “Turnarounds”. If you haven’t taken the time to get your RSO yet, I recommend getting it sooner rather than later. I know there are still people out there who think all refinery work is “dirty and smelly,” but most members who venture into the refineries for the first time find it to be great industrial work and wonder why they waited so long.

A couple of jobs to be on the lookout for in District 3 are the major renovation at LACMA which will be performed by SASCO, and multiple school jobs by various contractors. As of this writing, the IBEW and LIUNA are heading to arbitration with regards to the Purple Line 3 project in Westwood where Frontier Kemper is using “Miner Electricians” to perform electrical work in the shaft and tunnel. Our compliance department and attorneys have been working diligently to prepare all the documentation, and we are hoping to see the determination go our way. The District 3 Welfare Committee would like to thank all the members who have supported us by purchasing some of our merchandise. If you haven’t yet taken the time, check out all the district’s merchandise at www.IBEW11.org .We all have some cool stuff, and you help us help members who are in need. Happy Thanksgiving, and please remain safe.



Mike Costigan
IBEW Local 11
Business Representative
C: 310.503.5337

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