District 5 Report — December 2021

Happy Holidays Brothers & Sisters, 

As we are at the end of the year, work continues to hold steadfast. Our contractors have been hiring for several projects in the area. We have Ferreira Const. working the 25 MW solar Project at Lockheed. Rosendin Electric is working the 25 MW Solar job in West Lancaster. Sargent Electric is working the 125 MW Battery Storage project. Taft Electric is continuing with work throughout Antelope Valley College and with several contractors working in the Palmdale School District, Palmdale Hospital and our Kaiser Facilities in Lancaster and Palmdale. Work at the defense plants slowed for a while due to the end of their fiscal year. We have several good size projects that will start in 2022 such as the High-Speed Rail, Antelope Valley Hospital Medical Village and the Green Hydrogen project to name a few. 

If you are interested in taking a class to keep your state license current or to better yourself, please call or come into the District 5 office to add your name to the list. All classes in District 5 through the Electrical Training Institute count toward ongoing education hours for state licensing.  

I would like to personally thank our officers, members and volunteers for all their participation, hard work and activism in making District 5 and Local 11 great: Alfredo Torres, King Moore, Mike Kaminski, Dion Jensen, Ron Dreiling, Chris Bonifillo, Steve Joyner, Beto Gonzales, Summer Trout, Miguel Sanchez, Romeo Gonzalez, Dalton Yong, Al Lopez. Byron Gonzalez, Jacqueline Torres, Emily Gonzales, Leslie Gonzalez, Sharon Gonzales, Alexis Joyner, Sandra Gonzalez, Sebastian Gonzalez, Isabel Gonzalez, Maurice Washington, Brian Little, Jody Lee, Don Rigney, Steven Irwin, Roy McBain, Ray McBain, Jason Stout, Andy Rosete, Ruben Santana, Felipe Figueroa, Ian Gibson, Dave Gomez, Kathy MacLaren, Kris Mendoza, Peter Sisson, Alton and Ligeia Wilkerson. Special thanks to our Business Manager Joel Barton and President Rusty Roten for all their help and support of District 5.  

Take care, be safe and God bless the IBEW.  

Mitch Klein

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