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The Future is Green

We’re in the middle of a Green Revolution, and IBEW 11 is helping lead the charge – educating and training hundreds of our members every year to make sure we have the necessary skills to tackle this newly emerging field. Why? Because Green Jobs represent a huge opportunity for us. They need to be Union Jobs, well-paying, long-term jobs. #UnionStrong 

There are a variety of green jobs our members can train up for: Installing electric automobile charging stations, building and maintaining fields of solar panels, getting wind turbines online, establishing massive grid data storage systems, retrofitting buildings to meet LEED standards and more.  IBEW 11 members are the electrical experts, so let’s bring our unique talents and skills along with our union perspective to the conversation about these projects. 

Thanks to President Joe Biden’s $1 Trillion Infrastructure Bill, there are jobs to be had, as many as 600,000 green jobs in LA County by 2050. IBEW 11 is working to make sure those jobs are Union, from lobbying on your behalf in contract negotiations to advocating in Sacramento and City Hall. We’re also ensuring that we have the best, most highly trained workforce capable of tackling the challenges of the 21st Century.

Take a look at what we’re doing:


Our children deserve a healthier learning environment in which they can breathe safe, clean air. HVAC system upgrades in public schools are key to this positive outcome. Such systems can’t be upgraded properly or efficiently without the electrical skill that IBEW workers bring to the job. This is why we supported California Assembly Bill 841.


California needs to get busy building out its zero-emissions transportation infrastructure now in order to meet its climate goals, not to mention make electric vehicles more practical options for everyday working people. That means we need a lot more EV charging stations throughout the Golden State, and we need them sooner rather than later. IBEW workers can help to make this future a reality much more quickly by leading the charge on EV-charging-station infrastructure. 

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We live in California, where there is a long-standing precedent for exploring alternative energy. Solar power is a good example, as it is already widespread throughout the state. If we can get behind larger solar energy infrastructure projects now, not only will we be on the right side of history, but we’ll also be more likely to secure good, long-term contracts to build and maintain solar fields throughout the Southland. 

IBEW 11 On the Job at Solar Projects in Lancaster 

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