Refineries Report – June 2023

Work in our refineries remains steady. Schultz Mechanical will hire approximately 8 – 10 J.W.’s along with about four apprentices every three or four weeks for the AMP project. This is a very large project that Schultz Mechanical will continue to call out for throughout the entire year. Schultz Mechanical has the contract to modernize both the Marathon Carson refinery and the Marathon Wilmington refinery. Schultz requires the RSO20, the TWIC, a hair follicle test, and a background check for a call to these Marathon refineries.

Newtron Electric is preparing for the World Energy refinery five-year project in Paramount as well as additional J.W.’s and apprentices for the World Energy refinery this summer. Contra Costa Electric will also hire for the Phillips 66 refinery in Wilmington. Please get your RSO 20 and TWIC card for the refineries.

Manny Solis
Dist. 2 Business Representative
(626) 318-7442

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