Refinery Report – June 2022

Marathon Refinery – Carson / Wilmington 

Schultz Mechanical is continuing to man up at both Marathon Refineries in Carson and in Wilmington. They are looking for IBEW members with rigid conduit experience. Schultz is still looking to hire approximately 150 more journeymen along with apprentices. Their hiring process will include RSO 20, TWIC, a background check and a hair follicle test. Schultz has a few different projects currently going on. They have lots of underground for substation work, and lots of conduit, cable tray, and control work in the Coker Unit at Wilmington. They are looking to establish several crews for major turnaround work which will keep us working out there through the end of the year!  

PBF Refinery – Torrance  

M.B. Herzog is a little slow currently but will be looking to bring on a few dozen members for turnaround work which has been pushed out until September. 

Chevron Refinery – El Segundo 

Contra Costa Electric and Johnson Peltier are both a little slow at Chevron and may have some turnaround work starting in the last quarter of this year. 

Phillips 66 Refinery – Wilmington- 

Contra Costa Electric will be looking to hire approximately 50–75 journeymen along with apprentices in about one month for a very large project which was awarded to them. 

Paramount Refinery / World Energy Refinery-   

Newtron Electric is still looking to hire more journeymen and apprentices as they will be getting into the meat of the work. Newtron is going to start putting in calls which require members to have a current RSO 20, and an OSHA 30.  

Most every other Refinery will require the RSO20, TWIC. 

Manny Solis

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