Refinery Report — April 2021

Torrance PBF Refinery for M.B. Herzog – At the Torrance Refinery, M.B. Herzog is still on schedule to man up for turnarounds and preventive maintenance this summer. At PBF Refinery- Torrance the RSO20 and TWIC Card is a requirement to take a call. M.B. Herzog will most likely be start putting in manpower requests in the next six weeks calling out apprentices, journeymen and certified instrumentation technicians. If you enjoy the industrial work in the refineries, be ready to man these very nice refinery calls.

P66 Wilmington – Turnaround work continues for a few of our companies at the P66 Refinery in Wilmington. The current turnaround will possibly be completed in the next month.

P66 is expected to issue more work for turnarounds this summer and more preventive maintenance work. We have Contra Costa Electric, Schultz Mechanical and California Spectra all doing the work at P66. All of these great contractors will be looking to put in more calls for manpower this summer.

Valero – Wilmington – Schultz Mechanical and California Spectra are winding down at this refinery, but they are expecting to put more calls in for work in the summer. Make sure you have a current RSO 20 and a current TWIC Card to be able to take a call to these Refineries.

Marathon Carson and Wilmington – Schultz Mechanical is not going to be putting in any calls for manpower this Summer.

Chevron – El Segundo for Contra Costa is also not going to be putting in calls for this Summer.

Instrumentation Level “B” Certifications – Recently, I have been working with our Electrical Training Alliance (ETA). These are the folks who issue the Instrumentation certifications. Nationally, during this time of COVID, many of our training facilities have been closed to in-person courses and in-person / hands-on recertification exams.

It is because of these restraints that we have been granted extensions of the instrumentation certifications for all who hold the Level B Instrumentation Certification until COVID-19 has subsided. Our dispatch, along with the electrical contractors, are fully aware of this extension to the Instrumentation Certification. When our ETI can re-open, we ask that those who need to renew to please reserve your spot at the Instrumentation Level B course to brush up and schedule your date to re-test.

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