District 3 Report – March 2023

The work picture continues to ebb and flow, and it is expected to pick up soon. The Purple Line stations buildouts should be manning up shortly as well as the continued work at LAX. I’d like to acknowledge the stewards we have representing our members working in District 3. Hector Navarro at the LAX Delta terminal, and George Lopez at the LAX Automated People Mover are doing an outstanding job of representation and are a valuable part of the IBEW team. If you are on a job that you think could use some representation, reach out to the Agent in that area. Lastly, please support all our Local 11 welfare committees. Your donations help provide much-needed funds to help our brothers and sisters in need. Please visit www.ibew11d3merch.com to show your support.


Mike Costigan
District 3 Business Agent

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