District 5 Report — March 2023

Hello Brothers and Sisters.

Right now, we are working with several contractors at Antelope Valley Hospital. We are also continuing work at the new CSI Electric solar, battery and sub-station project. The job has been moving slowly, however, because of the weather and material shortages.

We have several other in-progress projects around the Antelope Valley as well. We should start seeing calls coming in the near future.

Many thanks and congratulations to our new Welfare Committee Officers, Chairman Mike Kaminski, Vice Chairman Steve Joyner, and Recording Secretary Chris Bonifilio.

On another note, we recently finished an LAQSP class. If you are interested in taking a class in District 5, please fill out the ETI registration form online and specify where you would like to attend class. My deep gratitude to all officers and members who help so much to make District 5 and Local 11 great!

Mitch Klein

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