District 1 South Report — November 2023

The Clippers’ Intuit Dome will soon start installing the LED Panels for the Oculus inside the Arena. Summit Swing is awarded installation. They will need manpower. Baker Electric is installing solar. GECTWO is installing the broadcast system, and they will need manpower as well.

ELAC Southgate Educational Center is awarded to Taft Electric. This is a large LAUSD school being built from the ground up that’s in the beginning stages and would be a good call.

Olympic and Hill Tower by SASCO is more than 56 stories tall and is around the eighth floor now. They will need manpower as they start to build out floors.

Cupertino Electric is doing a battery storage project that is working 6-10’s and is a great opportunity for overtime. You must be able to do it.

It is an honor to serve you.

Shomari Davis
Business Representative District One South

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