Business Manager’s Message — March 2023

IBEW 11 Honors Its Agents, Officers, and In-The-Field Sisters

In March, we celebrate the history of our nation’s women. In honor of the women who have worked and pioneered all facets of our industry, I would like to give a shout out to the women who keep IBEW Local 11 running smoothly and diligently to serve the needs of our members.  

I must start with my Chief of Staff, Judy Hermosillo. I depend on her to keep track of where I have to be, when I have to accomplish certain tasks, and who gives me insight into all that has to do with the labor movement. That is the benefit of having someone who has worked so long in organized labor. Judy knows she can disagree with me without constraints until we discuss whatever the issue is and come to the best solution. Judy also makes sure the employees are compliant with all the necessary requirements that Local 11 as an employer should be aware of and follow.   

On the administrative side, Judy works in tandem with my Executive Assistant, Bertha Mardueño. Bertha overseas everything that has to do with the front office. Bertha not only manages administrative duties; she also looks ahead and makes sure everything is done in a timely manner. I depend on both working as a team to keep things moving and headed in the right direction. They are second to none.  

Filling out the Administrative Offices are the Administrative Professionals: Brenda Ruyle, who oversees the Organizing Department; Gaby Dilluvio, who helps process members pensions, death benefits and dues; Ivonne Alfaro, who keeps the necessary paperwork flowing and fills in as the Executive Assistant when needed; and Roxxann Roman, who handles the Compliance Department as well as assists our Political Director and Business Development.  

Rounding out the third floor is Diana Limon, who is leading our efforts to recruit, retain and increase Local 11’s number of women electricians. Diana brings a wealth of knowledge and relationships which will help us reach our goal of 10 percent of women participation in the workforce by the end of the year. Diana also assists in Compliance where she previously worked.

Our Financial Manager, Diana Yee, keeps the finances of Local 11 in order. Diana makes sures all bills are paid appropriately and that Local 11 files all the necessary paperwork and audits to comply with the laws which govern a Local Union. 

We are also incredibly fortunate to have intelligent, resourceful, and forward-thinking women like Christine Austria-Lozoya, the first woman elected Local 11 Recording Secretary, and Jackie Waltman as our CW/CE Business Representative and Coordinator.

And finally, a recent addition to the Local 11 team is Lali Castillo. Lali is the organizer of the Sound and Communications Unit and is reaching out to the unorganized to educate them on the benefits of joining this great IBEW Local Union.  

The District offices and dispatch wouldn’t run smoothly without Christina Potter, Lead Dispatcher; D1 Katelyn Ortiz and Melissa Sonora; South Bay Mirella Almaraz; D4 Heather Renz; D5 Cari Bailey; and D6 Angel Lopez. I know the members as well as the agents and organizers depend on them to take care of the needs of the District Offices.  

In closing, I want to recognize all the sisters who work in the field doing the hard work of a construction electrician. Know that the Local Union supports you and will continue to support you as you go through your career as an IBEW Local 11 member.  

In solidarity,

Joël Barton
IBEW 11 Business Manager

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