District 1 South Report — October 2022

  1. The Convention Center AUTO SHOW is supposed to be a Full Show with all the Automotive Manufacturers coming back. We expect 75 -100 manpower requests this year starting in early November.
  2. 6TH & SAN PEDRO – Weingart Tower has been awarded to SASCO Electric. This is in the early stages, but it will be a very long project.
  3. The Natural History Museum remodel is a large project that has been awarded to Morrow-Meadows and is going through demo and prep.
  4. Manchester and Vermont – Baker Electric has been awarded four buildings that have the foundations and underground electric being installed with a small crew at this point. They will need more manpower.
  5. ELAC Southgate Educational Center – The first 3-story building has just been awarded and the steel is going to start going up. The next pre-job will reveal one of our NECA contractors.

It is a pleasure to serve as your District 1 South Business Representative.

Shomari Davis
Business Representative District One South

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