District 3 Report – March 2021

Hello from District 3,

As the vaccines continue to roll out, the summer of 2021 should pick up right where 2019 left off. As for the work picture in District 3, we have quite a few jobs with continued growth. Rosendin at the LAWA Police station has put in a few calls for their big push. ConRAC also has multiple contractors calling for wireman on their project which already has over 200 members. A new contractor, DVBE, has just been onboarded by our organizing department, and they will be a sub-contractor to Streamline Integration at the ConRAC, Delta Terminal 3 and TBIT projects.

I also visited the United Airlines Hangar and GSE where Morrow-Meadows has over 50 members working. Local 11 just set up three more stewards on LAX projects. Hector Navarro and Omar Calderon are now the stewards at the Terminal 3 project, and Michael Hawkins has stepped up at ConRAC. I also visited the Ivy Station in Culver City where Gonzalo Garcia with Walton gave me a tour. All the members were in good spirits, happy to be essential workers, and were in full CDC compliance wearing their masks. I also visited Lumen West where Unison has 10 members and is slated to be calling for workers as the project progresses.

As for the future, keep your eyes open for Comet and Fisk calls. They will be doing the buildouts on the Purple Line Stations which will be long-term employment. Some of the jobs I’ll be looking to visit will be Skechers where CSI is working in Manhattan Beach, and I plan to revisit Westwood One where Google is having a new buildout which is also CSI. If I haven’t visited your jobsite in a while, please contact me and I’ll do my best to get out there.

Please stay safe and take care of each other.

Mike Costigan
District 3 Business Agent
(310) 503-5337


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