Unit 14 — June Report

Sisters and Brothers,

Below are updates to our contract negotiations.


LAUSD: With your contract ratified and approved by the LAUSD Board, we are still waiting for the District to finish the process of implementing the new raises and calculating your retro pay. I know this wait is difficult and frustrating for many of you and I truly appreciate your patience. In the meantime please enjoy the fact that our LAUSD employees have the highest level of membership among all of the public agencies at well over 90%. Congratulations on that achievement and understand that it will give us the power in the future to secure the type of contracts that you have always deserved.

LA County: Congratulations! Your new contract was unanimously ratified by the IBEW membership and overwhelmingly ratified by the Building Trades as a whole. Now the ratified contract will go in front of the LA County Board of Supervisors for approval. As soon as I have word of that approval I will inform you. Thank you to all of the members that took time out of their schedules to make their voices heard! Please encourage non-union employees to become part of the process and join their respective unions. It only makes us stronger and better able to achieve the gains we need to better our way of life.

LA City: Congratulations! MOUs 2 and 13 were overwhelmingly ratified by IBEW Local 11 and the Building Trades membership. Over one third of our members participated in the process! This was a great showing of our solidarity, but we still have a long way to go. There are still over 400 bargaining unit employees who choose not to support the Union. This high number cannot stand if we expect to continue to make gains like we were able to achieve with this contract. Talk to your co-workers and let them know that it is time for them to stand up and become a contributing member to their own future.

MOU 35: While I do not have a specific update to our negotiations, I do want you to know that I have received a large amount of feedback and proposals from our members working Civil Service out of the hall. Now that all of the public agencies have ratified their contracts, IBEW Local 11 and the Building Trades can place their focus on getting the very best we can for our members. Thank you for your support!

I also want to take the time to thank 21 of our incredible Civil Service Stewards who took time out of their busy schedules to attend a Steward training course given by our incredible International Reps. The attendees will be recognized and given their completion certificates at the next general meeting. Please come out and show them your support!

For further information, please attend our Unit 14 Civil Service meeting which is held every 4th Thursday of the month! If you would like to speak to me directly, please feel free to contact me on my cell phone at (626) 712-4769. Alternatively you can email me directly at arida@ibew11.org.


Luis Arida
Civil Service Business Representative
IBEW Local 11

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