District 1 South Report — September 2021

Baker Electric has Ascot Elementary and McKinley MS that are in the very early stages. These are long projects and will need members soon.
Taft Electric has a three-year project at Huntington High where many buildings are being demolished and rebuilt in phases. Look out for that project.
Rosendin Electric has CalMart in Downtown LA, where they are doing the core and shell. There are many empty spaces, and as the pandemic has started to allow vendors to move in, I can see an opportunity for more work.
The Ferrante Project is still a very long project. It has two more buildings to be built and the contractor is SBE Electric.
Seed Project is on Vermont and Manchester Boulevards. It is a school that has housing for students and faculty. The contractor is Touchstone Electric. They are doing dirt work now and will start needing underground in a month or so.
Ingraham Apartments and La Veranda Apartments are being done by MG Electric. They have signed a PLA and we are trying to organize them. They are a 50 to 70-man shop. They are in the very early stages of construction and will need manpower shortly.
Shomari Davis

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