District 2 Report — September 2022

Not much has changed in the District 2 area as far as the work picture. Things are still a little slow. The upcoming projects include the 5-year Harbor UCLA project with Rosendin-Meadows JV, the large-scale tilts up by the South Bay Hall that Gregg will be doing and all the EV charging stations to be going in at the City of Carson.

There is going to be a lot of the EV charging station and infrastructure work coming, Make sure you sign up for the EVITP class through the ETI. There currently is no deposit fee. Sign up and get your RSO, NPA70E and OSHA30/LAQSP as well if you are interested in all the refinery work on the horizon. Get your TWIC card also. The TWIC card is reimbursable for the cost as well as a stipend. You can use the TWIC card for TSA Precheck as well to fly, all at no cost to you. The RSO card is also reimbursable with a stipend. The OSHA30/LAQSP class covers all 32 hours for your continued education towards your state certification as well as a $250 stipend once you complete the class.

Remember that Local 11 has 5 different Dispatch halls that you can go to for all of your needs. Some members are still don’t know about our South Bay Hall located in Torrance at 2150 W. 190th St and our District 6 Hall in Diamond Bar at 830 N. Diamond Bar Blvd.

Remember to always look out for each other on the jobsites. Make sure your fellow Brothers and Sisters are safe. If you see something wrong, don’t ignore it. Speak up. We all come to work safe; let’s make sure we all go home safe. If you see someone struggling with an addiction, talk to him and refer him to our MAP program to get some help. Sometimes someone may be struggling and he or she just needs a friendly voice of encouragement. We are all one large family here at the IBEW. Look out for the older members on the jobsite. We will all be that older member one day.

We are all members of the IBEW first and foremost. Even when you become the Foreman or a General Foreman, don’t lose sight of where you started. Treat everyone with dignity, respect, and brotherhood.

Gary Tomlin
(626) 375-5721

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