District 5 Report –June 2021

Good Day, Brothers and Sisters,

As we are into summer and more people are being vaccinated, it seems that we have reached a degree of normalcy. It is good to see entertainment venues, stores, malls, parks and the like all opening to normal capacity. Our meetings and picnics are back in action and the work picture looks good. We are doing well at the Defense Plants with over 100 members working throughout Northrop, Lockheed and Boeing.

CSI Electric is continuing work at the Battery Storage project in Lancaster. Taft Electric along with other contractors is continuing work at Antelope Valley College working the Discovery Lab, Student Services and Sage Hall buildings. Rosendin Electric is expected to start another solar project in Lancaster shortly.

At the end of summer, Ferreira Construction is slated to start a 25 MW solar project at Lockheed which should hire approximately 60 members. We continue to have several contractors working in the Palmdale Medical Center, Antelope Valley Hospital and the Kaiser facilities around Antelope Valley. The new Lancaster City Hall renovation project should begin soon. Upcoming projects include the green hydrogen job, more battery storage projects, high speed rail, electric vehicle charging stations and the Lancaster Health District Hospital’s new build-out.

Brothers and Sisters, most of these projects I have mentioned are all under Community Workforce Agreements which we fought so hard to get. Thank you to all of you for helping us at City Council meetings, School Board meetings, Water Board meetings and Planning Commission meetings. We cannot say enough about how important your help has been in securing these agreements.

Please do not forget about renewing your State Certification. We are currently putting together a LAQSP in-house class. If you are interested in attending, please notify District 5 at your earliest convenience.

Thank you to our Stewards Summer Trout, Adalberto Gonzales, Peter Sisson and Andy Rosete. Thank you to our officers Alfredo Torres, Adalberto Gonzales, King Moore, Mike Kaminski, George Martinez, Shane Fairbrother, Ron Dreiling and Dion Jensen for all your help, hard work and participation. Because of all of you, Local 11 and District 5 continue to move forward. Always remember “United We Stand, Divided We Fall”.

God Bless You All.

Mitch Klein

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